Media Support & Staffing

The Monolith team brings over sixteen years experience doing business in Asia to provide scalable audiovisual services and specialized Multimedia production to our clients. Monolith provides consultation to help clients define their Multimedia requirements and to tailor scalable services to meet their specific needs.

Audio Visual Support Services

Monolith consults, provisions and manages audio visual support teams to provide superior corporate video conferencing and multimedia services across the APAC region. Monolith is a member of InfoComm International, the association representing the commercial audiovisual industry worldwide. Our core services include;

On Site Resources: We provide professional audiovisual technical support and creative resources to clients in 5 countries across Asia. Whether you require an individual resource or a full team, Monolith can provide talented professional resources to meet your requirements.

Managed Multimedia Services: Monolith provides fully managed audiovisual and content creation support teams. Our managed services approach provides you with a complete service turn key for clients who prefer a hands free service. Our account management team will work with you to deliver scalable professional services to provide comprehensive support for all your audio visual requirements.

Production and Content Creation Teams: Creative media content has become an essential part of successful businesses. As a professional production company, we can work with you to help your organization leverage the latest media content technologies. Our creative teams provide video production, motion graphics and presentation production, 3D technical animation and tier 1 creative content development and delivery services.

Multimedia Production Services 

Monolith is a peer leader in corporate media content production services from ad-hoc commercial productions to the development and management of sophisticated internal media teams.

In collaboration with our clients we work to;

  • Define multimedia strategy
  • Develop and plan audiovisual and media systems
  • Provide user experience and usability consulting
  • Audio visual project coordination and vendor management
  • Place and manage experienced multimedia and audiovisual service teams