Our Services

Media Support & Staffing


Monolith Asia provides audiovisual and multimedia support resources in the Asia Pacific region. We source, place and manage professional content creation and multimedia technical support staff to meet out client’s requirements.

Monolith resources work with clients to support and manage all your multimedia and audiovisual needs. We provide onsite support teams for video conferencing and business presentations, media content production, projects and daily systems management.  Our teams also vet and manage systems integration providers for cost containment and best in class technology to meet and exceed business demand.

Monolith his here to help our clients gain the most from their multimedia systems and technology investments.

Media Production


Need a video shoot in Japan? Require a cameraman in Hong Kong? Video editing in Singapore? Even audio recording in Sydney all as a part of one project?

Monolith Asia specializes in ad-hoc multimedia production across all Asia Pacific countries from commercial to corporate communications. We are the leading production specialist in Asia.

Monolith provides Asia Pacific multimedia production services and creative content solutions for business.

Event Management


Monolith is a full service event production, audiovisual management and consulting company for corporate meetings and events. We support conferences, seminars, roadshows, gala events, corporate parties and training sessions in Japan, Hong Kong and other locations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our Solutions to Client’s Needs


The world of multimedia technology and content is constantly changing. How businesses take advantage of these new opportunities is important to their growth and success.

Monolith employs a continuous improvement strategy to target and understand these changing technologies and to help our clients make the most of them. We work with you to align your requirements with the best available technologies and services.

We provide solutions, consultation, support, resource teams and insights that will help your company take advantage of these new opportunities. We are here to help your business succeed.